Recommended by industry experts, our product - Business Bits fits into your business requirements so smoothly that you would hardly notice a difference in flow of your work, yet you would be able to see a visible reduction in your daily hassles.

Don't believe what we say. Check out what industry experts have to say about Business Bits.

Feature Highlights:

> Subscriptions start as low as just INR 2500/- per user per year.

> Free of cost customization throughout subscription period.

> Designed from scratch to address issues faced by small business owners / managers.

> Pocket friendly business management system.

> Extremely small learning curve due to intuitive interface and workflows.

> Reduced data entry requirements.

> No installation or manual upgrades required. We keep your system upgraded at no extra cost, so you always have the latest version of the software.

> No need to worry about data backups. Your data is backed up daily by us.

> Switching device to use business bits is as simple as opening a website on another device. Works with devices of any size running on any operating systems.

> Designed in a unique way so that it would always suit your flow of work.

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