Who We Are?

Bitsware was launched in the year 2015. We are a blend of enthusiastic, passionate and determined IT professionals who improve your business with smart and innovative solutions. Within a short span of time, we have mastered the craft of cloud based ERP solutions, web applications and web development solutions ensuring that the client businesses, especially the small and medium scale enterprises flourish and create a unique brand experience for our customers.

What Makes us Unique?

With all of our products and service offerings, we change the way software & IT resources are consumed, especially in growth oriented small and medium enterprises.

We provide you with affordable products and services, where you pay us only for the portion that you explicitly see your business benefiting from.

For all of our offerings, we do all the technical work, manage all the renewals, subscriptions, etc., and our customers reap the benefits of gaining competitive advantage as well as profitability.

Why Choose Us?

We focus on quality, trust and long term relationships.

We understand the clients' requirements and work diligently towards obtaining the best solutions. We have set the standards high so we provide 100% money back guarantee when the standards are not met.

We will work with you as innovative partners.

For more information about our work or for any inquiry, you can contact us or send us an inquiry.